Flexible and Instant Yacht Access & Experience


Instant Retreats when you need time off, privacy and discretion.

Our vision is, wherever you are in the world, our yachts will be just a phone call away.

All our yachts will become ESG friendly and we will focus on sustainability while creating outstanding experiences.

After a busy day, or to have some private time for you, your partner or a confidential business meeting, you need an instant retreat to find balance, privacy and discretion. 

No Paparazzi will disturb your valuable time and space. You can be just yourself.

Our yachts will be just a call away. We know all your preferences and you will feel instantly "at home" with all the luxury comfort you expect and need to rest and be the best version of yourself again.

Become one of our exclusive member.

We offer an all inclusive yacht membership program that you can use on all our yachts all over the world.

Exclusive Membership

You can enjoy multiple stays on all our impressive 49 - 70 meter yachts all over the world.

Spend a week in the mediteranean sea and the next week in the bahamas.

You are competely flexible to book a single cabin on a yacht you want, where you want and when you want.

No extra cost will be charged and you can book and travel within days.

VIP Membership

Our VIP members are able to preferably book the VIP cabins on all our 70+ meter yachts.

You can enjoy all yachts of our fleet in all beautiful places in the world.

You are also free to book your stay on our exclusive 49 - 70 meter yacht fleet.

Wherever you are in the world, your instant retreat should be only one phone call away.

Master Membership

As one of our Master Member you are eligible to book the highest category on all our Flagship Yachts - The Owner Suite.

If you want to spend more time on our yachts, you can also book other cabins of a lower category, but the experience on the yacht itself will not be different.

As our member, we know what you want and you can enjoy it at any yacht of our fleet. Flexible and instantly.

The Exclusive Fleet

In our Exclusive Fleet we have beautiful 49 - 70 meter yachts with at least 6 cabins and massive outdoor spaces to relax.

All yachts offer lots of water toys and amenities that will be there for you to spend an unforgetable time and making memories again and again.

The Flagship Fleet

There are amazing 70 - 100 meter yachts ready for you in our Flagship Fleet.

Spend your time on the most amazing yachts on the planet, whenever you want. Even if it´s only a weekend, or  a night.

The luxury comfort and service should not leave any wish unfulfilled.

The Ultimate Fleet

We plan to build the Ultimate Fleet of private yachts.

In the Ultimate Fleet you can choose between the ultimate 100+ million $ yachts and new build vessels, that will launch a new era of sustainable and luxurious yachting.


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